Lactation and Doula Services & Classes

Doula Services

“DOULA” is from the Greek, “to be of service to,” and refers to someone experienced in childbirth, providing emotional & practical support during labor and post partum. Chris has this experience.

Labor Doula

Chris provides loving, informed, safe support and advocacy during labor, birth and early postpartum. She guides you, physically and emotionally, at home and/or hospital throughout the birth experience.

Post Partum Doula
Chris provides professional support and companionship for the early weeks after the baby is born. She assists you and your family with emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, comprehensive breastfeeding support, newborn care, infant and mother massage, family adjustment, meal preparation, and light household tidying.

Our Classes

Childbirth Preparation

An eclectic experience supporting emotional, physical, and informational needs. We’ll explore fears, expectations, practical solutions, communication with partners and practitioners, breathwork, relaxation, detailed information about least-to-most-complicated births, medications, cesareans, postpartum and breastfeeding. Emphasis on helping a woman in labor, in all aspects, including helping partners to love and encourage Mamas throughout transition into motherhood. Home or hospital birth. 2-3 sessions.

Childbirth Refresher Class
Individually designed to review and process past experiences and focus on current pregnancy. Birth goals, birth plan, relaxation, fears, new questions and any additional information needed will be reviewed.
1 session.

Sibling Preparation for Birth
Individually geared for your child’s developmental age to prepare for home or hospital birth. Child’s own birth support person encouraged to attend. 1 session.

Breastfeeding Class
Discussing social, emotional, and cultural issues, family support, latch, positioning, milk supply, sleep, diet, pumping and storing, herbs, siblings, birth control, sexuality and returning to work. 1 session.
Individual & Group Support

Lactation Services
Since Chris is a Certified Lactation Consultant and Educator, she will help you understand how to increase your milk supply, latch your baby without pain and assist you with other challenges of breast feeding.

Mama Circle

A weekly gathering of pregnant and new moms and babies in Moss Beach, CA on Wednesdays, from 10:30-12:30.  Moms get a chance to talk about their concerns and ask questions about pregnancy, infancy, breast feeding and mothering.  Though Chris facilitates this group, the topics are truly mother-led.

Birth Consulting
Personal consultation for pre-conception, prenatal, labor, unexpected outcomes, postpartum and infant care is available.

We have an extensive list of local and national professionals and organizations that we are happy to share with our clients.  Please look at our "Contact Us" page for some useful links.